Top five Call of Duty Mobile Assault Rifles

With the spread of mobile gaming, it was no surprise that Activision launched its mobile version of Call of Duty on 1 Oct 2019. Thereby becoming one of the newest entrants in the Battle Royale category of First-Person Perspective (FPP) and Third-Person Perspective (TPP) shooter games. One of the most striking aspects of Call of Duty Mobile is its eclectic collection of weapons across various types which are distinct from that in the game’s PC version. In this article, we take a look at the top five Call of Duty Mobile assault rifles. In no particular order at least for the top five:

Top five Call of Duty Mobile Assault Rifles:

#1: AK-47 in Call of Duty Mobile

AK-47 in Call of Duty

No Assault rifles’ list is ample without citing the ever-dependable AK-47. With a respectable overall score and a powerful damage rate. The AK-47 is a vivid choice for both long-range and short-range battles in CoD Mobile.

Due to the AK-47’s range, players often find it tough to change weapons once they are accustomed to these Assault Rifles. Many professional gamers use this rifle just because of its sole features.

#2: M4 in the mobile version of Call of Duty

M4 in Call of Duty

The M4 can be called an all-rounder bearing in mind its above-average statistics in damage, accuracy, range, and fire rate. It is also very portable, can be controlled easily, and offers greater stability than most assault rifles.

The M4 can be used to its full potential if all the attachments are properly used. Once you do that, it is quite basically one of the most lethal assault rifles that you can transmit within the mobile version of CoD.

#3: AK-117 in CoDM

AK-117 in Call of Duty

The top three rifles in this list have slight differences in terms of structures and overall effectiveness.

Though, what sets the AK-117 apart in the mobile version of CoD is its tremendously high fire rate. Which is the joint-best in the category following SMGs such as the PDW 50. The AK117 is best used against improved players who tend to jump and slide quickly.

The AK-117 has comparable handling and attachment features as the M-4 and AK-47. it is noteworthy, that it lacks is damage potential, which is made up for by its high fire rate. This AR is perfect for short to mid-range combats in Call of Duty.

#4: Man-O-War in CoD Mobile

Man-O-War in Call of Duty

The Man-O-War has one of the highest damage rates amongst ARs in CoDM. It is a bit hard to use, especially without using a foregrip attachment.

Nevertheless, the gun is flawless for both beginners and advanced as it has a quick reload feature and has decent damage and accuracy. But for more experienced gamers who want an AR with better damage, it is essential to equip the right attachments as the Man-O-War. Since it has a high horizontal recoil rate but this can be fixed using the aimbot attached to our Call of Duty Mobile Hacks.

#5: M-16

M-16 in Call of Duty

The M16 in CoD Mobile has a reasonable recoil, a high fire rate, good attachment features, and high damage.

However, the rifle is thought-provoking for most gamers as it only allows the ‘Single’ and ‘Burst’ selection. This means that bullets come out in singles or spurts of three. Also, this makes M16 inappropriate for fights where players have only a few seconds to kill their rivals.

The M16 is thus more useful for long-range combats where rivals are not sure about your location. It is also a better option for mid-range assaults too.

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