Call of Duty Mobile Hack and Cheats

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Call of Duty Mobile hack and cheats with the actual result has just been released with a guarantee of 880 COD Points (CP), 880CP originally cost $9.99 but we have finally discovered a way of getting it free of charge. Furthermore, this tool is limited to 50 IGNs daily, you are as such required to make early daily usage, tool will be refreshed 0100 UTC daily. In case the CPs do not reflect 5 minutes after using this tool that means the daily set limit has been reached and you will have to try as early as possible the next day.

Please note, if you want more than 880CP complete the procedure as many times as possible, wait for 5 minutes before launching the game.

Following the request of our forum users seeking a way to generate free Call of Duty Mobile CP, our team went into action and developed this Call of Duty Mobile cheats to give 880CP without penalty from Activision. This online tool will enable everyone to receive CP not exceeding 880CP at once, however, multiple trials with the same IGN will earn you more CPs to make all in-game purchases which include buying crates and draws.

This easy to use tool does not affect the functionality of your phone as well as the game, it also does not require additional installation of patches on your device. It is important to know that, this tool works on both rooted and non-rooted devices.

Do you find spending your hard-earned cash in games very difficult? Or your credit/debit card refused to link to Google Pay/Apple Pay? Look no further we have developed a tool that will feed your quest and optimize your in-game performance.

Kill effect video of Cybernetic Stalker

These can only be gotten using CoDM CP

I guess you must have tried other sites and may be installed some cheat app/patch without results. Most of those files are embedded with adware and malware that will disrupt your device’s performance and may lead to Operating System malfunction.

It is, therefore, important to use this hack that has been tested and trusted for the Call of Duty Mobile game. The tool is designed to assign a maximum of 880CP but if you want more, multiple attempts are advised.

Due to the growing downloads of Call of Duty Mobile both on Androids and iOS, more players are looking for Call of Duty Mobile hacks and cheats. From the requests on our forum, this online adder was created to enable you to generate CP. Many experts use our hack to generate and buy all skins in-game without spending their real-life money.

The hack does not possess restrictions to players willing to use it and can be accessed from any web browser. However, it is advisable to use the device where CoDM is installed. For device specifications please click here.

The screenshots below confirm that this hack is 100% functional

Proof of Call of Duty Mobile Hack and Cheats

Proof of Call of Duty Mobile Hack and Cheats

Features of Our Hack

It’s a known fact that you cannot buy the best in-game items; including the best rifles in CoDM without COD Points. They are sometimes cheap but mostly expensive especially when buying crates or participating in draws as a result we built this tool to assist players who cannot afford to buy COD Points.

I guess you’ve been disappointed by other sites and tools. We are here to make a difference and set a standard. Why not try the tool?

This edition was recently launched on our mainnet server following the success recorded from beta version testing. It is pertinent that this version supports few devices that run on Androids and iOS as such you are advised to run it if it will work for your device specification. If it does not, follow the above link and check the recommended device by Activision if you are eligible.

Resulting from our beta version testing, we guarantee a high success rate when you try our free Call of Duty Mobile cheats.

Some of our tool’s features are:

Guaranteed 880CP at every try

Free downloadable .APK for easy access

No in-game glitch

No malware or adware attached

Easy access from any part of the world

Regular maintenance and support

If you read through, you will notice that our tool does not require any installation or pasting of patch alongside your .obb, also, you will not have to click so many tabs before you can pass through annoying steps. If you wish to purchase all the in-game items, it’s possible.

How to Use CoDM Hack?

I believe the first thought in your mind is why was this not included at the top of the page, this is because the instruction has been included in the page where the CP is generated.

Nonetheless, we will drop an insight here

Please follow all instructions carefully

Click the button you might have seen above.

Key in the correct code on the textbox in our authentication panel.

Once you reach the next page, enter your In-game Name (IGN).

Select your phone’s operating system.

Pick the exact amount you want to have.

Process it, on completion, wait for 5 minutes

Then go back to the game and enjoy it.

After a few weeks, we may consider making a step by step guide regarding this.

If another project comes up, you may not see any.

In case verification shows while carrying out those procedures, complete it.

Lastly, we will be updating the tool every 2 months to meet the release of the new Series/Seasons.

Top five Call of Duty Mobile Assault Rifles

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With the spread of mobile gaming, it was no surprise that Activision launched its mobile version of Call of Duty on 1 Oct 2019. Thereby becoming one of the newest entrants in the Battle Royale category of First-Person Perspective (FPP) and Third-Person Perspective (TPP) shooter games. One of the most striking aspects of Call of Duty Mobile is its eclectic collection of weapons across various types which are distinct from that in the game’s PC version. In this article, we take a look at the top five Call of Duty Mobile assault rifles. In no particular order at least for the top five:

Top five Call of Duty Mobile Assault Rifles:

#1: AK-47 in Call of Duty Mobile

AK-47 in Call of Duty

No Assault rifles’ list is ample without citing the ever-dependable AK-47. With a respectable overall score and a powerful damage rate. The AK-47 is a vivid choice for both long-range and short-range battles in CoD Mobile.

Due to the AK-47’s range, players often find it tough to change weapons once they are accustomed to these Assault Rifles. Many professional gamers use this rifle just because of its sole features.

#2: M4 in the mobile version of Call of Duty

M4 in Call of Duty

The M4 can be called an all-rounder bearing in mind its above-average statistics in damage, accuracy, range, and fire rate. It is also very portable, can be controlled easily, and offers greater stability than most assault rifles.

The M4 can be used to its full potential if all the attachments are properly used. Once you do that, it is quite basically one of the most lethal assault rifles that you can transmit within the mobile version of CoD.

#3: AK-117 in CoDM

AK-117 in Call of Duty

The top three rifles in this list have slight differences in terms of structures and overall effectiveness.

Though, what sets the AK-117 apart in the mobile version of CoD is its tremendously high fire rate. Which is the joint-best in the category following SMGs such as the PDW 50. The AK117 is best used against improved players who tend to jump and slide quickly.

The AK-117 has comparable handling and attachment features as the M-4 and AK-47. it is noteworthy, that it lacks is damage potential, which is made up for by its high fire rate. This AR is perfect for short to mid-range combats in Call of Duty.

#4: Man-O-War in CoD Mobile

Man-O-War in Call of Duty

The Man-O-War has one of the highest damage rates amongst ARs in CoDM. It is a bit hard to use, especially without using a foregrip attachment.

Nevertheless, the gun is flawless for both beginners and advanced as it has a quick reload feature and has decent damage and accuracy. But for more experienced gamers who want an AR with better damage, it is essential to equip the right attachments as the Man-O-War. Since it has a high horizontal recoil rate but this can be fixed using the aimbot attached to our Call of Duty Mobile Hacks.

#5: M-16

M-16 in Call of Duty

The M16 in CoD Mobile has a reasonable recoil, a high fire rate, good attachment features, and high damage.

However, the rifle is thought-provoking for most gamers as it only allows the ‘Single’ and ‘Burst’ selection. This means that bullets come out in singles or spurts of three. Also, this makes M16 inappropriate for fights where players have only a few seconds to kill their rivals.

The M16 is thus more useful for long-range combats where rivals are not sure about your location. It is also a better option for mid-range assaults too.